Train Fuel Level Monitoring

Today we are going to introduce the case of using ThinkSonic fuel level sensor for train fuel level monitoring. The client is one of top steel group which is located in the north of China, their trains are mostly used for goods transportation. 

The difficulty for this case is how to install the fuel level sensor when the fuel tank is fully covered by train body or thick steel plate, and there is no free space for the sensor?

Our client tried once to open and weld a pipe to the bottom of one train’s fuel tank, then used a capacitive fuel level sensor to check the fuel inside the pipe. It took much time and the client didn’t like it because they don’t want to drill any holes on the fuel tank and they need the whole solution to be easier and faster.

ThinkSonic Solution

We introduced our non-contact ultrasonic fuel level sensor Model TUB to the client. This sensor can be just installed on the bottom of the fuel tank, the accuracy reaches 0.2%FS and the operation temperature is from -30℃ to +80℃. 

Here are a few steps of the installation:

Meanwhile, we installed a digital indicator in the train’s cab, so the driver will know the fuel quantity in real time.

The client is quite satisfied with this solution, now all of their trains are installed with Model TUB. We are glad that our sensors can help the client to control the fuel consumption more efficiency.

If you have a similar project or interested in more details, please feel free to contact us.